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A multi strain probiotic blend for optimum cow health.  Unlike other products that contain a yeast only, Rumicell covers more bases with a combination of an active dry yeast to assist rumen control along with 5 strains of bacteria including Bacillus Subtillis strain of bacteria to assist in udder health.

A total of 38 billion cfu’s of beneficial bacteria per daily 10 gram dose

Key features:

An unmatched 38 Billion cfu’s of combined bacteria in a daily 10gram dose for just over 12c per head per day

  1. Rumen stabilisation -P7 Active dry yeast to improve rumen pH- reducing the risk of Sub Acute Ruminant Acidosis (SARA). 
  2. Increased fibre breakdown and utilisation and overall increase in anaerobic population. 
  3. Increased microbial protein. 
  4. Bacillus Subtilis and 4 other probiotic bacteria formulated to assist in improving general herd health, immune function, reduce cell count and mastitis.

Daily dose rate

10 gm per cow per day for 12c/cow/day


Rumicell is available blended with minerals through:

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