Bovine Boost


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A synergistic blend of beneficial bacteria digestive enzymes and yeast. Bovine Boost has been specifically fortified with a very high dose rate of protected bacteria so that they boost the immune system in the lower gut region of animals. Use as a drench – post antibiotic treatment, or to assist recovery from disease. Can also be used to reduce the impact of health issues in cows at calving -for cows with difficult calvings or retained membranes. Some farmers may consider using Bovine Boost on all colostrum cows to give them a boost at the start of calving when it is impractical to use Superstart Lead Feed. Use in foals to help avoid foal scours.

Dose rate

Use for 3-5 days.
Cows 5gm
Calves 1gm
Foals and Does 2gm.


5 strains of bacteria
5 digestive enzymes
A specialized strain of yeast

An ideal strong animal health option for organic farmers


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