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Feed supplement for all year round mastitis control and support at drying off

Bovine Boost


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Bovine Boost is turning the dial right up on cfu count, a measure of strength and effectiveness.  Delivering over 130 billion cfu per 6g dose it has been specifically fortified with a very high dose rate of protected bacteria including mastitis inhibiting bacteria which are delivered at levels far beyond any product on the market so that they boost the immune system in the lower gut region of animals along with populating the udder for protection.

For outstanding results the immune system must be functioning perfectly.  As Zinc and Selenium are two elements that are critical for good immune function it is imperative that these are maintained at good levels in cows for optimal results from our products.

As a preventative measure at drying off, drench or use trough treatment for 5 days.  This can be 5 days leading up to or post drying-off.

Farmers are using Bovine Boost on their highest cell count cows, on clinical mastitis cases and other health challenges and as a preventative at drying off.

Dose rate

For drying off use for 5 days.

Cows 6gm/day