Probiotic Revolution

Meet the future of probiotic solutions
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What is the

Probiotic Revolution?

11 Biological ingredients

More than a simple yeast or probiotic product, Probiotic Revolution uses the synergistic impact of a combination of 5 strains of bacteria, 5 digestive enzymes, and a live active yeast

Unrivalled power

It’s about the type of troops, and how many of them you bring to the fight.Our products contain unmatched levels12 billion cfu/dose up to a whopping 150 billion cfu/dose

Accelerated calf growth

Don’t just use a product, revolutionise your system.  Probiotic Revolution works with you to find what changes can be achieved with Calf Xtreme and BioRescue

Lower Your sCC

Sub-clinical issues in dairy farming can often reflect imbalances in herd health.  Probiotic Revolution can tailor solutions to improve your short and longer-term outcomes.

Lift production / performance

Through consistent use, solid gains in production and milk components are not only achievable, they are happening in dairy herds throughout New Zealand

Mastitis-inhibiting bacteria

The udders of healthy cows carry higher loads of strain-specific probiotic bacteria. Probiotic Revolution delivers at extraordinary levels. Also –  NIL milk and meat withhold

Improving effluent

Improve your cows’ gut environment → change the quality of manure going into your pond → improve the effluent being returned to your pasture.  And, so the cycle continues

Dogs deserve the best

Weight, skin, and smelly gas issues?  Many issues with our dogs translate back to the gut environment

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John McCarty

Cole Townsend

Shaun Eichstaedt

Our Premier Product

Calf Xtreme Plus

You won’t just find Calf Xtreme on a shelf because it comes with a plan to revolutionize your system through personal support from our Pro team. 

It’s not just the product, it’s the changes that can be made by adding Calf Xtreme to your system that our experienced team can identify and help walk you through.

Calf Xtreme contains a synergistic blend of beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, and live active yeast. 

Farmers have found that Calf Xtreme:

  • helps protect and/or aid recovery from disease in ways farmers have not seen using other products.
  • can help achieve feeding high rates of milk early to young calves
  • helps protect the rumen from digestive upsets leading to nutritional scours.
  • has been able to help get calves to target weaning weights 2-4 weeks earlier
  • can increase the intake of meal, hay and grass even at high rates of milk intakes
  • improves post-weaning growth rates

For heifers the greatest benefit could well be extra heifer milk production.  Research shows that heifers that can be grown faster in the first 3 or 5 weeks of life will milk better in their first lactation compared with a control group calved at the same liveweight.


Daily dose rate

1 g/day* mixed with cold or warm milk or water in the shaker provided.

*Delivers at least 12 billion cfu of bacteria and yeast per dose



5 strains of bacteria
5 digestive enzymes
A specialized strain of live yeast

Probiotic Revolution

Product range:

Bovine Immunimax

Bovine Boost

The most powerful probiotic available in New Zealand for cows, delivering 150 billion cfu/dose including mastitis inhibiting bacteria

Calf Xtreme Plus

Calf Xtreme Plus

Calf Xtreme Plus won’t be found on a shelf because it comes with a plan to revolutionize your system through personal support from our Pro team



A convenient & fast oral treatment paste with unprecedented strength containing 7 strains of bacteria, live active yeast and Vitamin E


BioRumen DFM

A multi-ingredient daily probiotic for milkers targeting multiple angles including overall herd health and performance. An important part of the pathway to zero antibiotics

Farmer Stories

Farm 4 Life

“Probiotic Revolution has literally transformed the way we feed our calves,”

Tangaroa decided to test one pen of the farm’s KiwiCross calves on the once-a-day feeding with Calf Xtreme. He immediately noticed a change.

“The calves on once-a-day just didn’t care that I turned up in the afternoon to feed the other calves,” Tangaroa said. “By the third afternoon, their body language told me that once-a-day was ok. So, from 12 days old pretty much all the calves were on 5.5 litres once-a-day.”

It was moved to 6.5 litres as they grew.

“What I also noticed over the next six weeks was the amount of additional condition they put on their back,”

His calves were “smashing” their meal and hay between four and six weeks of age, and by week six, 30% of the calves were content to either “take or leave” their milk.

“We weaned our heifers at seven to eight weeks of age – which was two to four weeks earlier than normal – at the same weight as usual,”


Tangaroa Walker – Farm 4 Life

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