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Who are we?

Probiotic Revolution is a kiwi-owned family business, specialising in the highest spec probiotic supplements coming out of North America, Japan, and Austria. All have unprecedented potency, the right viability ratings, and an extended shelf life few other probiotics can equal. 

Chris Collier (B Agr Sc) who founded Probiotic Revolution Limited has an extensive background working in the dairy industry for more than four decades as a farm advisor/consultant working [MAF] and Agriculture New Zealand. He later marketed prescription animal remedies to vets for Pfizer Animal Health. Chris has always been an innovator, and in the early 90’s he was part of the team, which helped introduce the Argentine stem weevil wasp to New Zealand.

The science and strength behind Probiotic Revolution’s formulations also intrigued Chris’ son – and Medical Scientist – Matt. He joined the business in 2017 after more than 17 years in his former career. He is passionate about spreading the message regarding good bacteria, and its role within modern farming.

The combination of innovator and analytical backgrounds has opened the conversation and allowed Probiotic Revolution to push theories, and to expand the ways in which probiotics can be effectively used in transformational ways. Watch this space.

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Expert Support

With a wealth of agricultural consultancy and medical science background experience, in addition to their local knowledge, the extended support team at Probiotic Revolution includes veterinarians, microbiologists, and dairy nutritionists.

Why we say bugs are important

70-80% of a mammals immune function comes from the bugs in the gut.  Behaviour, skin/coat condition can be altered by the balance of these bugs. 

Reduce antibiotic usage

Unlike antibiotics, a good probiotic will leave the immune system with a memory of how to stop an infection at the door. Probiotic Revolution is unique in its ability to help achieve this.

history of success

Developed in conjunction with Australian Probiotic Solutions with a history of over 20 years of working with some of the leading dairy farmers in Australia.

Reduce feed costs in dairy cows

Probiotic Revolution products increase the feed conversion of every mouthful.  The team will work with you to often reduce feed costs.

Our direction

Probiotic Revolution is committed to finding the full extent of what probiotics can achieve to answer the problems that our farmers have in New Zealand by replacing traditional practices that have become ineffective and unprofitable.

Number of Calves reared on Calf Xtreme

The Secret

• 5 strains of probiotic bacteria

• 5 digestive enzymes

• Active dry yeast


As Aristotle’s famous quote says:

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”  

Because, together…these ingredients are better than each of them on their own.


An antibiotic comes in like a superhero with a sledge hammer, whereas a probiotic is more like that friend that picks you up when you’re down. While antibiotics are essential in the right circumstances, Probiotics now have a confirmed place at the table when it comes to the prevention and treatment of disease. Mammals’ immune systems are well designed. When the body overcomes a pathogen, it remembers what was successful, and what wasn’t.

If the same pathogen comes along again, the successful recipe is rolled out to deal to it, and hopefully stops it at the door altogether. Antibiotics not only leave some collateral damage, they don’t allow the body to respond and keep that memory, which explains why farmers often see repeat infections.

Some strains of bacteria that Probiotic Revolution uses produce bacteriocins, which act like natural antibiotics – along with immune modulating compounds – to stimulate the native immune system. It also has mastitis-inhibiting bacteria that can colonise the udder of cows through oral administration.


A live active yeast acts as a prebiotic (promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal microorganisms) and a probiotic (live bacteria and yeasts). Not all yeasts are equal, and Probiotic Revolution maintains that the effectiveness of probiotics comes down to the variety of strains and “how many troops you’re bringing to the fight”. 

The particular strain Probiotic Revolution uses was shown by the University of Toulouse to be equally as effective as Sodium bicarbonate at stabilising rumen pH, increased cellulose digesting bacteria, and increasing propionate which is a superfood for lactating cows.

Digestive enzymes

The combination of enzymes in Probiotic Revolution’s products work synchronistically with microbe components. They have a specific role enhancing feed conversion efficiency, through the breakdown of protein, starch, cellulose, fat and pectin.