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BioRumen DFM (Direct Fed Microbial) is a daily herd supplement fed through in shed feed systems, drenching, or through a mixer wagon. Typically drenched or fed as a cold pressed pellet containing.

  • A blend of Probiotic bacteria for lower GI tract health.
  • A blend of digestive enzymes for increased feed conversion efficiency & utilisation of fibre.
  • An Active dry Live Yeast for improved digestion & stabilizing rumen PH.
  • We can provide mineral mixes with our BioRumen DFM from a quality trace element PreMix to Macro minerals to meet the farmers requirements.


The revolutionary plan for improved cow health and nutrition

There are 4 steps to maximising the benefits of using our probiotic products in dairy herds:

  1. Use CALF XTREME – to raise superior heifers that will milk better and compete better in the herd in their first lactation.
  2. Use SUPERSTART LEAD FEED – to improve cow health.
  3. Achieve long term rumen development with continual use of BIORUMEN DFM. By stabilising rumen PH and stimulating better microflora in the whole digestive tract autopsies are showing better rumen development through long term use of BioRumen DFM. See AUTOPSIES
  4. Use BIORUMEN DFM for short-term savings in feed costs. Farmers are cutting down by as much as 1.5kgs/cow/day in feed without dropping in milk production or overgrazing. This is due to BioRumen DFM increasing feed conversion efficiency. The savings in feed costs more than covers the cost of the BioRumen DFM.

Long term Rumen development

By stabilising rumen PH and stimulating better microflora in the whole digestive tract autopsies are showing better rumen development through long term use of BioRumen DFM

Three vets in Australia have performed autopsies and testify to this
“I have never in all my professional life seen such a well-developed rumen” Dorrigo vet NSW

Another autopsy was done on an Angus heifer that had been fed on Calf Xtreme & BioRumen from birth in milk and daily in 1kg of grain while on pasture. She dressed out at 250 kg at 14 months.

“The papillae in the rumen were larger and thicker and better developed for a young Ruminant than otherwise would be expected. Enhanced rumen development & greater surface area of the papillae leads to improved absorption capacity from the rumen.”
Brisbane vet

A third autopsy was done on a young cow fed BioRumen since birth
“The development and renewal of rumen papillae depends on adequate nutrient intake. Furthermore the intake of protein and energy-rich feed promotes the growth of rumen tissue, increases the number and size of rumen papillae and enhances the absorption of short chained fatty acids from the rumen of cows (Shen et al 2003).
This cow’s rumen appeared extremely healthy with an extensive population of well-developed long papillae as well as a thick internal rumen wall.
Whilst the rumen was the main focus of this investigation the three other stomachs were also found to be in very high condition and this trend continued throughout the entire intestinal tract”

Dr Dave Nolan (BVSc) Deloraine Vet Centre Tasmania

2nd Autopsy by Dr Dave Dolan Tasmania
Jamie Berne Autopsy

This autopsy was performed on an older cow that had been fed on average, nine kilos of concentrate daily since first lactation. 
During her first year on the BioPro program she produced over 14,810 L of milk, up from 12,595 L the previous year. 
At the time of autopsy and only 6 weeks prior to herd dry off she was still producing 36 L of milk from only three quarters.




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